Learn Master Skills To Defeat Pixel Gun 3d Enemies

Learn Master Skills To Defeat Pixel Gun 3d Enemies

In order to be the best gamer in the Pixel Gun 3d virtual world, users are required to face off different sorts of enemies.  In this game, enemies are referred to the monster, which are aggressive NPC avatars. The main role of the creatures is to make the gameplay exciting and rigid to taste each and every feature.    These NPC monsters will appear in Campaign, Arena and Co-op survival as well. Most importantly, these enemies are available in the great variety such as Flying, crawling, running, and walking.

In the Campaign mode, there is normally an adequate number of enemies, which are ranging from 15 to 40 per round.  In the Arena mode, there are only 45 monsters you need to face off and give your best shot at killing them.  Lastly, in the Co-op survival mode, there is no limit on the number of enemies.  This is because it depends on how many monsters the gamers killed.  However, it is noted that there are maximum 20 or so NPC creatures you will face per round.  NPC creatures are:

  • Balloon Boy.
  • Bat
  • Blue alligator.
  • Infected Swamp Knight.
  • Headless Zombies.
  • Slender Zombie.
  • Armored Stalker.
  • Evil Bug.
  • Zombie Head.
  • Swat Double Headed Zombie.
  • Tortured Prisoners.
  • Zombie Flying Pig.
  • Wizard Boss.
  • Snowman Mage.
  • King Weird Zombie.
  • Military Mech.
  • Spider Boss.
  • Blue Ghost.
  • Castle Ghost.
  • Chainsaw Doctor.
  • Crook Zombie.
  • Slender Zombie.
  • Infected Nurse.
  • Giant Weird Zombie.
  • Faced Stalker.
  • Double Headed.
  • Mummy Bird.
  • Orge Knight.
  • Parallel Peashooter.
  • Terrifying Bear.
  • Pyramid Minion.
  • Red Slime.
  • Red Space Alien.
  • Venom Spatter.
  • Skeleton Runner.
  • Orange Slime.
  • Code Peashooter.
  • Pit-bul.

Final Expression

Pixel Gun 3D is one of the top trending game available in the virtual market for the people to have fun.  The game app is available for both iOS and Android pocket platforms. So if you haven’t played this interesting game yet, then grab the opportunity and download the game to enjoy.  On the whole, if you have any sorts of query regarding it, just read the above-mentioned information and overcome it.


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