Pixel Gun 3d Pets System – Lets Get Aware Of It

Pixel Gun 3d Pets System – Lets Get Aware Of It

Pixel Gun 3D is an exciting first-person game, which has very attractive pixilated Lego block-like stunning graphics.  It offers various sorts of elements, which makes the users to be hooked with the device for the long period of time.  This game is published by the Alex Krasnov for both iOS and Android pocket platform.  To make the gameplay exciting, the developers have added a variety of pets.  These pets are loyal animals, which fight along with the player against different sorts of enemies.  You can easily attain it from the Super Incubator by spending 75 gems.

Basically, in the pet system, gamers can attain these creatures from the eggs.  They will fight with you and overcome the hard part conveniently.  You can easily access these pets in both multiplayer and singleplayer mode as well.  Most importantly, you can use them in the Sandbox mode.  In other words, these pets are most like a weapon, which have their own stats and depend on the species. How to unwind the pets? Well, a player needs to hatch the eggs.  Users will gain the eggs in every 12 hours. So, hatch them and play with the new helper.  There are numerous types of pets available in the game.   Such as:

Basic Category Pets High-Level Pets
Ø  Rabbit

Ø  Sheep

Ø  Bat

Ø  Cat

Ø  Chicken

Ø  Monkey

Ø  Owl

Ø  Panda

Ø  Parade Horse

Ø  Parrot

Ø  Penguin

Ø  Dog

Ø  Eagle

Ø  Deer

Ø  Arnold 3000


Ø  T-rex

Ø  Unicorn

Ø  White Bear

Ø  Wolf

Ø  Zombie Cat

Ø  Eagle Spirit

Ø  Fox

Ø  Griffin

Ø  Lion

Ø  Magical Dragon

Ø  Phoenix

Ø  Pterodactyl

Ø  Snake

Ø  Dinosaur

Ø  Alien Cat

Ø  Cyber Phoenix



Tips And Detail About In-game Pets

As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of pets available in the game.  Conversely, there is some player who is unable to make the decision between pets and end up facing disappointment. So, scroll down and learn about them without making too much effort. Let’s begin the detailed information about it:

  • Eagle Spirit: The spirit of the Eagle is also famous as the Eagle Spirit. It is a mythical pet, which is introduced in the 12.2.0 version of the game. It deals with the terrifying great damage to armor-fewer opponents.
  • Parade Horse: This is the legendary pet, which you can access in the 12.2.0 update. It is the light brown colored horse with the light brown ears.  Since, it is a legendary pet, which gamers can use it to surprise unsuspecting opponents.
  • Alien cat: It is the epic pet, which looks like as a cat with 3 alien eyes. Users can use it in order to regenerate the health of the player during the battle.
  • Fox: This pet is an uncommon pet, which allows the gamers to move forward in the game with ease. At the initial level, it will not able to damage the enemy too much. So, you have to upgrade the level and gain success in the battle.
  • Griffin: Mythical pet of the game, which is pretty similar to the Eagle. However, the Griffin is originated from the Greek mythology.  It has black eyes, golden beak, and white feathery ear, which eliminates the enemies instantly.
  • Lion: The rare pet, which is available for the player in the 11.2.0 update. It is a beige lion, which has brown eyes, tan hair, and sharp teeth.  In the critical condition, gamers can teleport their pet i.e. Lion even from the long distance.
  • Unicorn: Like its name, the unicorn is the white colored animal, which is available in the 11.1.0 update. It appears in the white color with the golden horn.  This is one of the pets, which deals with the greater amount of damage to the enemy. So, use this pet appropriately; otherwise, you will end up facing dissatisfaction.

So, what’s the final Word? All in all, hope the aforesaid information help you out and support to become the best player from all over the world. There is no need to be afraid. Use them wisely and learn about their weakness and powerful combos.  Understand the above-mentioned Pixel Gun 3d Pets System and reach the peak point of the game.

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  1. I really like pixel gun 3D, but i have really love coins and gems and i have bad find too, so i decided to try hacks and i believe it’s gonna be amazing! Thank you very much! 🙂

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