Best slots and games about zombie

An overview of the technical characteristics of the slot games from the world’s leading developers – Playtech, Esqueleto Mariachi and Relax Gaming.

Zombie Circus from Relax Gaming

Zombie Circus slot has been developed by Relax Gaming and is dedicated to one of the favorite holiday of young people – Halloween.

Zombie Circus is represented by five reels located according to the classic scheme – in three rows. That’s where the images are a lot of different characters. To form winning combinations the developer has conceived ten active lines. According to data published on the website of the developer, the theoretical percentage return to the player is 96.62%.

The slot machine can be played not only on desktop computers but also on modern mobile devices. According to the developer, the slot has a medium level of volatility.

The background theme of the slot is a circus. It is under the famous round dome that previously departed employees – clowns, illusionists and other performers – resurrect. Their images are the symbolic side of the slot machine. A special symbol is the Ghost Carousel.

Zombie Circus 1

Red Tiger Gaming – Esqueleto Mariachi

One of the leading slot machine developers in the world – the company Red Tiger Gaming decided to dedicate the slot Esqueleto Mariachi to the theme of the Mexican Day of the Dead. The main characters of the slot are musicians-skeletons.

Esqueleto Mariachi is represented by five reels which, rotating, form 40 active win lines. The icons on the screen are located according to the scheme 5×4. According to the information provided by the developer, the theoretical percentage return machine is about 96.1%.

The symbolism of the slot is made in accordance with the themes of the Day of the Dead, so the rotating drums are images of skulls, skeletons, vessels with potions and Mexican cacti. However, the overall design does not create a gloomy atmosphere, but on the contrary – plays the trivial characters in an original and amusing light. In addition, on the screen drums can be seen letters and numbers denoting the card denominations. As a special symbol is the image of a disguised girl.

Esqueleto Mariachi, as well as Zombie Circus, can be run on a variety of modern devices without installing special software. The reference section of the game will provide all the necessary information about the rules of the game and the number of points that each of the characters brings.

Red Tiger Gaming 2

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective by Playtech is designed based on the plot of the famous film by Tom Shediak, which was filmed in 1993. In the main role of the actor Jim Carrey. His screen role is illustrated in the small details of the slot machine – Hawaiian style, strange hairstyle, hypertrophied sense of humor. And the player has a fairly difficult task – to help the detective to find lost and stolen animals.

A feature of this slot machine is that there are no classic paylines, they are replaced by 243 winning combinations that are formed on five rotating reels. In addition to the standard mode, according to the developer, players can take advantage of the turbo mode option, in which the rotation of the reels is accelerated several times.

Symbolism of the simulator is represented by images of the main character in various roles, his trademark logo of a private detective, as well as the letters of playing cards.

Best zombie games

Hordes of undead prowling toward the player can terrify, adrenaline-charging, and create a multitude of optimal targets to defeat. Their soulless, mindless nature also makes for the perfect artificial enemy intelligence, given their relative ease of development and creepy nature.

The breathtaking, creepy nature of these giant brain eaters can set the stage for intense gameplay. Many developers have taken advantage of this and created some very exciting zombie horror games. They range from survival horror and action shooters to open world cinematic epics and everything in between.

Dynamic action titles like The Last of Us Part 2 and Dying Light 2 continue to push the boundaries in this regard, while indie titles like Minecraft and Death Road to Canada show that even in simpler forms, these themes can be both scary and entertaining.

Death Road to Canada

Take the structure and rules of Oregon Trail and combine them with a pixelated zombie scare and the result could be this game from Rocketcat Games. In a zombie-infested America, players take on the role of a survivor trying to escape to Canada. But first they must dodge ridiculous waves of 16 zombies chasing them.

Up to four players can participate in this fun survival RPG where they work as a team to complete various missions while using their unique abilities to help each other. But even with that help, Dead End Canada is pulling out all the stops. In addition to avoiding the insatiable undead, players must constantly watch their emotions, scavenge for supplies, and often have to settle for weapons that aren’t the best. You’ll also have to make decisive decisions and occasionally endure savage “sieges” from zombies.

Plants against Zombies

While this game from PopCap Games is flashier and more fun than most zombie games, it’s still tense and immersive. The Plants vs. Zombies game was an early sensation on mobile devices upon its release in 2009, thanks to its intuitive touch controls and addictive tower defense gameplay that is accessible and addictive.

In the game, players control different plants and place them on a grid-like lawn to fend off increasingly ferocious zombie groups. The PvZ game is highly replayable due to its immersive and ever-changing gameplay. Conditions and scenes change, and plant fighters go from simple pea shooters to voracious chewers. Since then, the series has spawned many sequels and spinoffs, but none can match the original’s charm.

Plants against Zombies 3

Zombies ate my neighbor

Games like Plants vs. Zombies and Konami’s hidden gem Zombies Ate My Neighbors prove that zombie games don’t have to be decked out in modern graphic splendor to be fun or scary. This frenzied action shooter is not only a great zombie game, but also one of the most exciting co-op games of the 16-bit generation.

The game is as crazy as its name. The goal is to move through different neighborhoods, dungeons, and other scary places. Of course, the player will kill a lot of zombies and other monsters in the process. A cool theme and an even cooler soundtrack set the stage for a delightful retro-inspired undead thriller.

Zombies ate my neighbor 4

House Of The Dead

An icon in zombie and lightsaber games, this shooter from Sega, despite being a decade old, is virtually unmatched in the genre. Originally an arcade favorite, House of the Dead made its way to consoles, and based on peripheral weapons, it proved to be just as much fun to play together on the couch. Players will work their way through stalking undead and challenging bosses, traversing corridors and open locations, fighting for survival and high scores.

Fans were reminded of the game’s unique appeal after the release of a vibrant, intense remake in April 2022.

House Of The Dead 5

Dead Rising

As Resident Evil showed, Capcom knows how to create a classic undead game. But instead of creepy, inhospitable environments and jumps, Dead Rising relies on an almost comical bombardment of the player with undead creatures as a source of excitement. And while there are new features in the sequels, such as the addition of new items to the huge arsenal of weapons, this breakthrough can barely match its appeal.

In an arcade style, players take on the role of photojournalist Frank West as he tries to escape a zombie-infested mall while having a lot of fun and mayhem. There’s something unique about wandering the different shops and battling wave after wave of zombies with everything you can get your hands on, from barbells to tomahawks.

Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

This remake of the beloved legendary Resident Evil game manages to combine modern glitz with the series’ typical dark, tense gameplay and challenging puzzles. Players are constantly drawn in as they explore dark, abandoned police stations and other eerie environments – often with little ammo or weapons. They always seem to need more herbs or more bullets as they walk down dark corridors, hoping no predatory zombies pop out of the dark corners.

The 2019 remake has stunning graphics, with dynamic lighting and particle effects creating atmosphere and making the campaign even more eerie. It’s truly the best Resident Evil, and despite RE7’s twist, it’s also the scariest.

Resident Evil 2 (Remake) 6

Dead Rising 2

Keeping up with Resident Evil, this other zombie action game from Capcom has also made a name for itself, especially with the first two games in the Dead Rising series. The sequel offers all the same wild fun of controlling a crowd of undead and homemade weapons, but with even more anarchy.

This time, instead of Frank West, players take on the role of Chuck Green, a former motocross racer who takes on the role of a zombie fighter as he makes his way through Nevada’s casinos and shopping malls. The balanced arcade style is offset by the added depth of multiple new weapons, customization, and various multiplayer options.

Dying light.

Few survival horror titles have captured players like Techland’s unexpected hit Dying Light. With its smooth graphics and gritty, realistic atmosphere, the game really makes you feel like you’re in the Middle Eastern city of Harran.

This massive open world is filled with details and loads of survival, stealth and rescue missions. Zombies are numerous and often difficult to kill. This makes the game even more terrifying as the player moves around the city. Combat is enjoyable, filled with detailed zombie-destroying animations. The game also has decent multiplayer features.

Dead Rising 2 - 7

We are the last one

When it comes to powerful Sony hardware, Naughty Dog rarely disappoints, and The Last of Us is no exception. The game features an immersive narrative from start to finish and features a beautiful post-apocalyptic American setting. Even by today’s standards, its stellar performance is impressive.

The game focuses more on show stoppers and gripping story elements than straight action, but make no mistake: there are plenty of exciting survival horror games out there. The shooting mechanics are sharp and fun, and the gameplay is rich in content and depth. The game’s zombies, the Infected, are some of the trickiest zombies in the game, and therefore the scariest, especially considering their speed and strength.

Resident Evil 4

Capcom, arguably the most revered game in the franchise, hits all the right buttons in this cinematic sequel to RE, ramping up the production, action, and brutality. Instead of stumbling undead, players will face predatory villagers infected with psychic parasites.

In addition to this hostile group of Illuminati, there are terrifying Verdugos and chainsaw-wielding lunatics; Leon Kennedy has to deal with it all. With its perfect combination of action, puzzle solving and cinematic style, the game became an instant hit and has remained so ever since.

Resident Evil 4 - 8

Left 4 dead 2

Zombies can be scary on their own, but when you increase their speed and ferocity, the results can be downright terrifying. Valve’s developers are well aware of this, unleashing hordes of these “infected” super-zombies on players in Left 4 Dead and this deeper, enhanced sequel.

The game’s emphasis on co-op multiplayer sets the stage for some highly entertaining chaotic combat, in which up to four players battle their brain-eating prey in post-apocalyptic settings. On the one hand, the game is very similar to an arcade game, with players running around together to shoot down fast-moving enemies. But there’s subtle depth here, as players coordinate with each other, upgrade their ammo, and collect resources like fuel cans to help you escape.

Left 4 dead 2 - 9

Resident Evil (Remake)

While Resident Evil 4 may be the pinnacle of the series, the original was a breakthrough – one that changed the game and established the genre. And PS2/GameCube Remake perfected this classic survival horror mode to the extreme. More colorful pre-rendered backgrounds and enhanced graphics enhance the eerie, isolated atmosphere of Chris and Jill’s zombie-infested mansion.