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Pixel Gun 3d Review – Guide, Cheats, Tips and Tricks

If you enjoy playing shooter based games then you should give Pixel Gun 3D game a shot! It is an engrossing online game that will give you access to innumerable number of weapons. However, you need to use these weapons properly in order to achieve success. It is recommended to begin the game with the tutorial so that you gain knowledge about some of the most important weapons and resources.

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The game can be enjoyed on Android as well as I-OS devices. If you are new to Pixel Gun 3D gaming world, then read this Pixel Gun 3d review till the end to get information about various vital aspects of the game.

Multiplayer Gameplay:



You can play against several other gamers across the globe in Pixel Gun 3D game. As you are going to play in constrained surroundings, the battles are going to be intense. There are several game rooms formed by other players. You can either join one of them or create your own game room and invite others to join.

Campaign Mode:

Whenever you get tired of playing intense multiplayer games, you can start playing easier games in the campaign mode. Here, you can play single player battles against zombies on various maps. It is the best mode to play for those gamers who have just started playing Pixel Gun 3D game. Moreover, you can even spend some time at the training section for practicing your fighting skills. This will enhance your skills and make you gain confidence to have a real battle against enemies.

In-Game Currencies:

There are four vital in-game currencies; which are Coins, Gems, Keys, and Tickets. You will need all four of them in good quantities to achieve success in the game. Among the four, Tickets and Keys can be acquired with Gems. So, if you have Gems in huge amounts then you will certainly gain success in the game. Here is a brief introduction on Coins and Gems as well as the ways to earn them:


Coins are circular shaped, yellow colored currency, which is required for purchasing several ammunitions, hats, character skins, league stuff, gadgets, decorative items, buildings, etc. To earn Coins, you need to play the game religiously as they can be earned as rewards by winning numerous matches. Coins are scattered everywhere in the map and in each level. So, you can collect them as you keep moving forward in the map. When you complete a level or stage in the game, you will earn Coins as an incentive. Also, most of the people acquire Coins by using Pixel Gun 3d Hack.




Gems are blue in color, which are required for buying special items. Some of these items are premium weapons, Lucky Chest, special gadgets, etc. To earn Gems, you need to work very hard in the game. Moreover, you can earn them in limited quantities. Some of the ways to acquire Gems are by earning them as reward for completing a level successfully, obtaining them by unlocking the Lucky Chest, by connecting your game with social media accounts, etc. As all these methods provide Gems in small quantities, most of the gamers spend their hard-earned money for buying it. If you want to use a better alternative then you should consider finding for good and tested Pixel Gun 3d Cheats.

Lucky Chests:

You can acquire a Lucky Chest after every four hours of playing the game. The Lucky Chest comprises of several amazing random rewards. They are the best and easiest way to earn in-game currencies without including Pixel Gun 3d Hacks. You should make sure that you collect as many Lucky Chests as possible so that you can acquire maximum benefits. Some of the wonderful items that you can acquire from the Lucky Chest are mentioned below:

  • Character Skin: Each gaming character has a cosmetic texture, which is known as skin. You can change the skin of your character as per your desire. The skins are based on various personalities of popular games and movies. Approximately 125 pre-made Skins are accessible, and you can choose any one of them. Another option is to buy a Skin from the Lucky Chest and create various types of Skins for your gaming characters.
  • Golden Friend: It is a vital weapon, which can cause incredible damage on your opponents. To get a Golden Friend in the Lucky Chest is rare, so those who acquire it are really lucky. It has a high rate of fire and works amazingly well if you aim for the head shot. Remember to go for a hiding if your opponent is using it.
  • Candy Baton: The Candy Baton is a melee weapon that offers high rate of attack as well as mobility. The damage caused by this weapon is extremely good. You cannot obtain the Candy Baton from anywhere else other than the Lucky Chest. It is the best weapon that you can carry while traveling as it has great mobility.


Pixel Gun 3d Weapons

As there are numerous weapons available in the game, they have been bifurcated into various parts like Automatic Weapons, Guns That Shoot Lasers, Snipers, Shotguns, Area Damage Weapons, Guided Weapons, Special Weapons, etc. Listed below are the details of some of these weapons and their amazing features:

  • Dracula: If your gaming character’s health is low then you should make use of the Dracula gun. With this weapon, you will be able to absorb a part of your opponent’s health and provide it to your gaming avatar. It is advisable to use it from medium range. Whenever you notice that your opponent has a Dracula, then rather than trying to fight, you should run away as soon as you can, because if you get hit then a part of your life will be stolen away.
  • Predator: If you want to cause heavy damage at close ranges or light damage at long ranges then you should make use of the predator weapon. The firing speed of the weapon is slow, so you should not make use of it at long ranges. The Predator can be best used for dealing with opponents that have powerful armors.
  • Heavy Shocker: If you want your weapon to cause high damage to the opponent and comprise of high rate of fire, good capacity, and average mobility, then you should consider using the Heavy Shocker. It can be best used in medium to close range. Opponents who are having weak weapons can be easily destroyed with the Heavy Shocker.

As there are innumerable weapons to use, gamers find difficulty in availing their benefits completely. A few things that you should keep in mind are that there isn’t any other better weapon with high mobility, attacking speed, and accuracy than the Pixel Gun. To destroy enemies at medium range, you should make use of the Machine Gun whereas enemies at close range can be damaged by using the Shotgun, Signal Pistol, or the Combat Knife.

To conclude, if you enjoy playing shooter based online games then you will surely get addicted to Pixel Gun 3D pocket edition game. There are so many weapons available that you are going to get spoilt for choice and to get them you can try serching for a working Pixel Gun 3d Hack. Before you begin playing, ensure that you have loads of free time as it will be difficult to keep the gaming device down once you start playing Pixel Gun 3D pocket edition. Have fun!


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