Ways To Improve Your Gadgets Skills In Pixel Gun 3D

Ways To Improve Your Gadgets Skills In Pixel Gun 3D

There is no doubt that the gadgets are the stuff in Pixel Gun 3D game, which supports the players to overcome the hard part.  The main role of these items is to provide temporary benefits after use or help other gamers in difficult situations.  Users can purchase the in-game gadgets in the Armory both in Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World.  There are four gadgets, which you can easily access in both these virtual worlds.

In addition, gamers can equip up to three gadgets at a time in the game.  What is gadget panel? Well, the gadget panel can be used to indicate the equipped gadget. The panel is set by the game system.  In order to switch into other gadget, users need to swipe on the left side of the screen. It will lead you to the panel window and then tap on the desired gadget, which you want to equip.   There are at least 30gedgets, which are latest to the Pixel Gun 3D.   Some Ins And Outs of Pixel Gun 3D Gadgets:

  1. If the gadget panel stays extended, then the panel will close automatically after 5 seconds. This is the element, which is controlled by the game system.
  2. Most importantly, after using the gadgets, it will take some time to cool down.
  3. The main purpose of these gadgets is to offer short-term special moves to overcome the difficult part of the game.

Gadgets To Know About

There are numerous sorts of gadgets available in the game as mentioned earlier. However, there are some players who are unfamiliar with these items. So, read the information and learn about it conveniently.

Throwing Gadgets: 

  • Black Mark.
  • Dragon Whistle.
  • Fake Bonus.
  • Smile Mine.
  • Nuclear Grenades.

Tools Gadgets:

  • Blizzard Generator.
  • Box of Pandora.
  • Christmas Tree Turret.
  • Time Machine.


  • Battle Mech.
  • Demon stone.
  • Energy Shield.
  • Fire Mushroom.
  • Robot Samurai.
  • Leader’s Drum.

Detailed Information About Gadgets

Black Mark:  This is one of the throwing gadget, which is introduced in the 11.0.0 version of Pixel Gun 3D.

Dragon Whistle:  It is a shining golden dragon head sorts of gadget, which can be used to defeat the long-range enemy.

Fake Bonus:  It emerges as a drooped gem, whereas with the tiny C4 on the underside.  You can access this gadget in the 11.1.0 update of the game.

Time Machine:  This one of the awesome Tool gadget, which is added in the 11.1.0 update. It seems like the square watch with the brown leather straps.

Firecrackers:  As compared to the other firecracker, this is the small orange bomb, which indicates a gray colored fuse.

Jetpack:  It is a Gadget, which is introduced early in the 9.0.0 version.  It supports the players to fly around anywhere on the map.

Final Expressions 

Overall, hope the above-mentioned information will help you out from the complications regarding gadgets.  Read it and understand the writing carefully and gain success.

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