Pixel Gun 3D – Weapons Manual

Pixel Gun 3D – Weapons Manual

Pixel Gun 3D is the first gun game launched by Alex Kransov for the mobile platforms.  It is basically based on the pixelated FPS shooting genre, in which users have to participate in the various modes.  There are two sorts of modes available i.e. single player campaign and online multiplayer battles.  The storyline of the game is very interesting, in which the main character found him in the dreadful situation.  Later on, he found out that the world is under attack by zombies. So, that’s the main job of the gamers to guide the avatar and save the world.

In addition, in order to fight against them, Pixel Gun 3d Weapons are the only way out.  Weapons are the game content, which exists in both the Pixel Gun world and Pixel Gun 3D as well.  There are normally six sorts of weapons available in the game.  Those are:

  1. Primary Weapons.
  2. Backup Weapons.
  3. Melee Guns
  4. Special Weapons.
  5. Sniper Weapons.
  6. Heavy Guns.

Weapons are in both virtual worlds usually used to eliminate the opponents and to attain victory.  Each and every category of guns work in a different manner, so, it is advisable that to choose the weapon wisely.  There are approximately 50 basic and 200 exclusive weapons, which makes at least 250 guns in total to use in the battle.  Also, the guns are presented in the multiple attributes for the players that are:

top 5 weapons

Wall Break:  It refers to the weapon, which can shoot throughout walls.

Scope:  There is no need to worry about long distance long distance attack.  The scope can be used to locate the long-range enemy with ease.

Area Damage:  Generally, it means that the gun can damage entire area in the flick of seconds.

Piercing Shot:  This is referred to the gun’s ammunition can pass through living entities, which you can locate on the map.

Enhancement in Jump Height:  As compared to the Heavy weapons, it is referred with the firearm which also you to jump higher.

Pulls To The Aim:  This attribute is exclusive in the game, which supports you to teleport from one place to the targeted spot with ease.

Looping Shot:  It is meant with the weapon, which can fire in an arch.

Final Words

In the nutshell, if you are playing the game for the first time, then hope this Pixel Gun 3d Weapons guide will help you out.

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