What To Know About Pixel Gun 3d Campaign?

What To Know About Pixel Gun 3d Campaign?

The facts are that the Pixel Gun 3d is the popular game present in the virtual market.  It is elegantly published by the Alex Krasnov for the gamers to get entertained.  There are several kinds of things available in the game, which makes the gameplay magnificent to play.  The elements are offered in the form of the currency system, modes, and other things.  Apart from other features, campaign one of the finest modes available in the Pixel Gun 3d game.  If you haven’t played this mode yet, then give this mode a try and have fun

In addition, the storyline of the campaign mode is that users need to face off a variety of enemies in order to protect the world. In other words, the world is under attack because of the zombie apocalypse.  To make the storyline more innovative and unique, the developers have added four different sorts of maps. These are:

  • Pixelated world
  • Block world
  • Crossed world
  • Trivia

Let’s Dig Deep To Know About Campaign Virtual Worlds

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of types of different maps added in the campaign mode.  Due to this, the game has attracted over millions of potential gamers and also added the enormous amount of fame.  In order to understand these maps in the appropriate way, just scroll down and read the detail of stages.

Stages of Various Campaign worlds

Pixelated world Block World Crossed World







Area 52




Sky islands

Winter island

Hell castle

The end



Space station




Final Expression

There is no need to be anxious about the Pixel Gun 3D Campaign. However, if you face any sorts of complications regarding it, all you need to do is read the aforesaid information. Read it and understand the writing appropriately to overcome the hassles easily.  Hope the above mentioned detailed information helps you out of the difficult part of the game.

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  1. Pixel gun is one of the most awesome games Ive played on my phone. You can create your own skin cape, get guns, and win trophies in deathmatches and other modes.

  2. I like pixel gun 3d it is a special game for everybody when it was my first time playing pixel gun 3d it made me realize that I am a legend pixel gun 3d has good weapons rare,legendary, and mythical and plus I like all of the exoskeletons. thank you

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