Pixel Gun 3d Craft Items And Their Importance

Pixel Gun 3d Craft Items And Their Importance

Pixel Gun 3d is the game, which allows the users to have fun in the leisure intervals.  This game is compactly published by the Alex Krasnov.  It offers a variety of elements, which makes the players spend the long period of time playing the game.  Also, the most interesting part of the game is craft items. What are craft items? Well, these are things, which support the players to design the virtual environment according to their desire.  It is available in hundreds of thousands of forms, which makes the users enjoy the gameplay perfectly.

Moreover, the main function of these craft items is to allow the users to customize the building, pet house, and other stuff. If you are playing the game for a long period of time and haven’t used this features yet.  It is advisable to give craft items a try and unwind more mysteries of the game easily.  Some of the craft items are given below; so, scroll down and read it in order to know about them.

Building Decorations
Bases Gates Fences Terrains Roads Decors
    Base Camp

Command post

Control center

Small Palace







   Simple Gate

Military Gate

Tesla Gate

Spiral Gate

Angelic Gate

Energy Gate

Space Gate

Stone Gate


Scary Gate

   Old Fences

Fortress Fences

Cute Fences

Tesla Fences

Forged Fences

Space Barrier





Dead Ground

Martian field

Rainbow grass

Lunar surface


Concrete road

Frozen lava

Space tiles

Transport Tape

Neon track

Red carpet

Creepy path

Marsh path


  Wooden crates

Army Boxes

Weapon cases


Large Flowers

Purple ore

Green ore

Red ore

Alien Plant

Alien tree



Things You Need To Know About Building And Fences Craft Items

Pixel Gun 3d Craft

There are numerous sorts of craft items available in the building section.  It also consists of three types i.e. bases, gates, and lastly fences.  However, there are some players who find it hard and unable to gather information about them. If you are one of them, then there is no need to be troubled about it anymore.  All you need to do is read the listed below points and learn about it without making too much effort.

  • Base Camp: It is introduced in the 12.0.0 update, which is available in the form of the green tent. It has double doors, which has the wooden block in the front of the building. Mainly, this base camp is used to enhance the chances of the avoided damage.
  • Command Post: This is the increased level of the base camp, which appears in the form of the while building. It also has some stones near it, which is growing the amount of the ignored damage.
  • Control Center: Used to enormously grow the chances to defeat the enemy by attacking the ignored wound. If you are thinking to use this control camp, then you may see lots of windows and Iron Gate.
  • Small Palace: Normally, it is introduced in the game version of 12.0.2, which is based on the angelic theme. You can easily found the same building in the Heaven garden.  However, for some unknown reason, users cannot remove this camp base.
  • Paradise Fence: It seems like a sandstone wall along with the 2 stylish and thin columns. This is ancient sorts of a designed fence, which also have three yellow eyes.
  • Stone Walls: It is generally is used to grow the effectiveness of the wear and is based on the Medieval theme. Despite it being added to the buildings category, this is usually used to cover the most of the structure’s area.

What Else Left To Learn About Craft Items?

You also might be familiar with the decoration craft item of the craft items.  This is one of the better stuff, which is categorized in the crafting system in 12.0.0 version.  It is divided into four parts such as terrain, road, décor, and lastly Big décor. You can easily locate these things in each and every mode of the game.  For instance, the tank can be found in the several maps i.e. city. Secondly, the water pump is utilized only by the newbie’s in the tutorial.

Finally, few of the craft items cost too much as compared to the other one.  How to locate helicopter? Well, you can conveniently unwind the destroyed helicopter in the Prison. In the nutshell, if you find anything difficult regarding craft item, then read the aforesaid information and overcome it.

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  1. Pixel Gun was the only game I ever wanted since I was 11! It’s really fascinating and you get to socialise with others. It’s fun, funny, cool and amazing. It has a really good campaign and cool maps for battles. Pixel Gun is really fun, I recommend it for 7 and up. I just wish the weapons are cheaper! Hahaha.

  2. I love this game! I have been playing it nonstop since after I first downloaded it a month ago. I’ve also spent a great deal of money on it. The problem I’m going through right now is that I’ve ranked up way to fast and can’t compete with other players with better things in their ranks like guns armor etc this is why I was hoping I could acquire some coins…

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