Pixel Gun 3D (a lot of money / infinite ammo)

Pixel Gun 3D is a full-fledged Minecraft-style cube world in which you will have a unique opportunity to measure guns.

Here you have to fight with players in beautiful locations known from other games. You will have a lot of popular barrels in your arsenal, such as: UZI, AK-47, Desert Eagle, Tesla gun and many others. And if you get tired of playing with players, you can switch to another mode and try your hand at zombies.

Before you is a full-fledged clone of Counter Strike, only made in a pixel style, where there are endless battles between two factions. You just need to create your character, choose a team and become a warpath. Start your war with just a knife, a pistol and a gun and earn your first money on many of its varieties.

Do not forget that in Pixel Gun 3D you can also change the appearance of the player by buying special clothes and equipment. Upgrade your character throughout the game and constantly change your ego appearance. The game has 11 unique game modes, some of them are Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Enemy Flag, Deathmatch, Survival Together and the classic Deathmatch.

Start a new game with a minimal set of weapons, which will include a pistol, a knife and a small gun. And this will be enough for you to start fighting against other players and earn some money for better equipment. After all, further before you will open an even greater arsenal of weapons and improvements for it.

The result is a cool combination of a sandbox-builder and a good old shooter.

Control in Pixel Gun 3D, although it turned out to be very ordinary, but not the most convenient. It remains to wish you successful skirmishes and big trophies!

Many of you would like to get all the weapons and items from the very beginning of the game, and not spend a lot of time on this slow process. This is what the Pixel Gun hack was created for. This simple application will help you pump to the maximum!

Pixel Gun 3D is a first-person shooter in the style of minecraft, everything in it is created from small cubes – characters, weapon effects and maps are made in the familiar and any aesthetics of pixel 3d survival. This is an online game where players can kill other players, upgrade their own weapons, set small traps, throw grenades. The game has the ability to kill both mobs and other players. In Pixel Gun 3d there is a weapon upgrade system, by the way, there are more than 50 completely different types in the shooter. There are both long-range weapons, divided into submachine guns, pistols and rifles with a scope, and close combat, like swords and knives, to which hacking is applied. Strictly speaking, this game is a mixture of minecraft and counter strike.

If suddenly you cannot open some rare weapon or you urgently need to improve the efficiency of your own, then in this case the Pixel Gun 3D cheat will come to the rescue. This compact program will allow you to easily and without penalties use a wide system for improving the character and his weapons. This will solve most of your problems with killing surrounding monsters and hostile players. All that is needed is to select the necessary lines and buttons by hacking, after which your game will become easier and faster, and other players around will only be surprised at your power.

Hack Pixel Gun 3D provides a variety of advantages over others, such as endless money for which weapon upgrades are bought or some advantages associated with moving around the location. You will also be able to open new game cards for desmatches faster, which will significantly diversify the gameplay. Various weather conditions will become available to you, into which the game avatar is immersed, all you need is to download the Pixel Gun 3D cheat.